TIMBA Mobile Clothes Wardrobe


The redTIMBA mobile clothes trailer is an initiative that provides NEW clothes, toiletries, blankets, shoes toys etc to those in need. The TIMBA Clothes trailer visit’s various locations across Canberra, donating new items sourced from large retailers.

The idea of using clothing as a form of dignity and care is not new, but it has been forgotten as society has moved on to other ways of providing dignity and care. When we provide clothing, we offer a sense of security, warmth and identity that cannot be found anywhere else.

Providing NEW clothing to the disadvantaged is a way to give dignity and care to those in need.

Many people who are homeless or live in poverty are often overlooked and forgotten. They may not have access to resources like food, clean water, or shelter. Clothing is one of the most important things that these people need. It can keep them warm during cold weather, protect them from harmful sun rays, and provide a sense of identity when they are living on the streets.


Kanagra Crt Ainslie first Monday of every month

HOME In Queanbeyan Once a month on a Sunday

Veterans Park Canberra City Once a month on a Tuesday

Karingal Crt Narrabundah Once a month on a Thursday

redTIMBA set up
redTIMBA trailer