This Is My Brave Australia Inc. (TIMBA) was founded by Executive Director Tim Daly in 2016 in Canberra Australia and became a registered charity with the ACNC in 2017 and is an independent offshoot of the original This Is My Brave Inc. which began in the U.S.

TIMBA is proudly 100% volunteer run.

TIMBA is dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness one story at a time through its various community-based activities including:

  • Live storytelling events across Australia
  • Our social media channels including YouTube, Podcasts on Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple etc., Facebook and Instagram as well as our webpage.
  • The annual Canberra International Mental Health Film Festival
  • redTIMBA Wardrobe Mobile Clothes trailer project
  • Mental Health First Aid courses run by TIMBA

We believe that:

We should live in a society where mental illness is free from stigma and prejudice.

All mental health consumers deserve a stigma free environment in which to freely seek and engage in self-help pathways to ensure their best chance at recovery.

Tim from TIMBA

How we started

TIMBA was founded by Tim Daly in 2016 and registered as a charity with the ACNC in 2017.

After a previous 30 year career in the events industry, the last years as the General Manager of the local Canberra office of an international events company.

Tim’s own lived experience motivated him to take a positive and proactive approach to negating the stigma and discrimination faced by those dealing with mental health issues.