Canberra Mental Health Film Festival

Mental health is universal. Mental illness affects everyone, and we are here to say that it is okay to not be okay. From filmmakers to actors, musicians to authors, the Canberra Mental Health Film Festival provides a platform for people with experience of mental ill health as well as their loved ones and supporters.

Tim Daly

CIMHFF Director

Mental Health Film Festival Audience
Mingling at the Mental Health Film Festival

Simply the finest Festival. A tremendous cause/theme, providing essential focus on an important aspect of the human experience. Expressing a genuine interest with alternative visions exploring experimental concepts. Thank you very much – wishing continued success.

Michael Amter

Nov 2020

The Canberra International Mental Health Film Festival is an annual event that began in 2018

Films are accepted for submission in April each year through for screening in October during Mental Health Month in Australia.

Qualifying films can have been produced anytime and MUST meet one or all the following criteria:

  • Provides an inspiring voice for social justice and human rights for people with mental illness
  • Highlights positive contributions made by mental health recipients
  • Fights stigma and defies stereotypes associated with mental illness
  • Shares real-life stories of people with mental health concerns
  • Submitted films may be of any length and genre – documentaries, features, and shorts.
The Backlot
Mental Health Film Festival Seating
Mental Health Film Festival Studio
Melbourne Mental Health Film Festival Screening

We are delighted to be part of this festival. It’s important for us to see our short movie on the other side of the world, communicating and building connections. We’re feeling grateful for the Human Rights Award. Congratulations for the festival!

Victor Abrue

March 2022

I’ve always been a little bit different. I’ve never quite been able to relate to people, and I’ve never really felt like I belonged in the world. I just don’t get it. In this film, I’m going to show you what it’s like to be me, and to live with mental health issues.

Canberra Mental Health Film Festival

Awards & Prizes

TIMBA/CMHFF Award ( Overall film judged best in festival)

Human Rights Award
(The film that is judged the best at being an inspiring voice for social justice and human rights)

Lived Experience Award
( Best film produced by someone with lived experience of mental illness)

Stop Stigma Award ( The film that best fights discrimination and stigma)

Mental Health Hero Award ( Portrays an individual or organisation who are doing great work in the area of mental health)